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'I got hooked on your love nicotine, yeah..'

The Mika Nakashima Icontest Comm
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*A B O U T*
This is an icon contest community based on the japanese vocalist Nakashima Mika.
Each week a challenge will be posted on the community for members to participate in involving making an icon. These will then be voted on by members and winners announced. Winners will receive a banner and much love. XD
Layout by retroism.

*R U L E S*
#1. Submissions may not be animated.
#2. Submissions must meet LJ standard requirements- 100x100px under 40kb, .png, .jpeg, or .gif.
#3. Submissions may not be used anywhere outside of the community until the voting process is over.
#4. Submissions must meet the rules of the challenge.
#5. You may not vote for yourself, or coerce other members into doing so.
#6. Icons must be made by yourself!{obvious!}
#7. Voting will be done through screened commenting on the designated post only.
#8. You may only enter up to two icons per challenge, which must be posted as a comment on the designated post.

If you violate any two of these rules you will be banned. Sorry, but we want to keep things fair.

*S U B M I S S I O N S*
To submit icon/s you will need to reply to the challenge post with the following-
~Username you wish to go by.
~The icon.
~Icon URL.



*T I M I N G*
To submit icons- From Sunday 7pm until Friday 4pm.
To vote for icons- From Friday 7pm until Sunday 4pm.
{Times in EST.}
Sorry if the timings are a little different from other comms, as two mods are from the UK. ^__^;; and it has to fit into their schedule also. :D

*W I N N E R S*

*S T A F F*
Maintainer: retroism
Co-mod: lalalalovesong
Co-mod: kissandcry
Banner Makers: tiamato_kun, nekoyuki, trance_angel

*A F F I L I A T E S*


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*L I N K 2 U S*
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